Sponsorship Tariff For Vision 2009

We are currently looking for sponsors to endorse our magazine with their fiscal support. The sponsorship will aid in turning the students’ ideas to reality and providing the future engineers of Pakistan with a platform to present their thoughts and display their talents. Furthermore, Vision is distributed to the students and the faculty of Computer and Information Systems Engineering department, national and international universities and the corporate sector. Therefore, this magazine will serve as a platform for the said sponsors to advertise their products and services to a major population of Pakistan. The sponsorship tariff details for Vision 2009 are as follows:

Company’s Advertisement (full color page):

  1. Back Cover                                          Rs. 35,000/=
  2. Cover Page (Inside)                               Rs. 25,000/=
  3. Back Cover (Inside)                               Rs. 20,000/=
  4. Last Page                                             Rs. 20,000/=
  5. Any Page                                             Rs. 15,000/=

Company’s Logo:

  1. Bookmark                                             Rs. 5000/=

Interested individuals, please contact:

Hamza Al-Kindi
+92 343 3024273

or E-mail us at:


Interested individuals will be dispatched a copy of the tariff plan along with the university authorized sponsorship letter.

We are eagerly awaiting your positive response.


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